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Workplace collaboration is the foundation of growth and innovation for any organization. The Pyra Idea Factory is srcLogic’s workplace collaboration tool that encourages employees to share, discuss, and develop new ideas across every level of your organization. Discover the next groundbreaking concept that will contribute to your organization's success and growth with Pyra.

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Work environments may continue to change, and your ability to innovate should reflect the dynamic nature of your organization. The Pyra application is built specifically for the Pega platform to provide optimal ease of use and flawless functionality. This collaboration tool breaks down the ideation process into four simple steps: innovation, collaboration, engagement, and discovery.

Post your idea or inspiration and enlist your peers to help bring your idea to the top of the organization. An idea can be something as simple as a new team-building activity or something more complex, like a proposal to utilize new technology. Either way, Pyra is the place where any idea can be visible to the entire organization.

Review and refine ideas by contributing, commenting, and voting on your favorite ideas. Users are encouraged to give their feedback on every case, so the creator can expand and improve their original idea. The activity feed keeps users up to date in real-time so that an idea never goes unseen. Once the creator feels the idea is ready, they can open it up for voting and watch as their idea gets exposed to all levels of leadership within the company.

Keep tabs on organizational activity with graphics customized to suit your needs. Pyra has a customizable dashboard so you can choose how your organization views and displays reports. A powerful, custom dashboard engages and informs your users in a way that suits your organization and encourages higher participation from every employee.

Pyra uses the power of ElasticSearch to perform lightning-quick queries to deliver the info your users are seeking fast. Users can explore interests, find ideas related to their queries and discover common passions to drive collaboration among coworkers.

See Pyra in Action

After experiencing the shift from collaborating in-person to on-screen, srcLogic was inspired to create a better way for teams to innovate, collaborate, and engage with each other from their home offices. Pyra was created to promote idea sharing across the entire organization, so even an idea you came up with on your couch has the opportunity to reach your CEO. Watch our demo video to see how Pyra can be the tool for discovering your organization’s next big idea.

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