Consulting Expertise

Helmed by managing Partners with over 60 cumulative years of technical industry experience, our team comes together to provide a unique and seasoned perspective on process-driven application design.

Technical Acumen

srcLogic's technical consultants are equipped with a wide range of Pegasystems development-focused skills, including Pega® Robotics, Pega® Customer Service, and Pega® Decisioning.

Driven to Learn

Our firm is dedicated to a process of constant and continuous learning. Our team is 100% Pega Certified, with a 1:1 CSSA to CSA ratio and a certification base that is growing exponentially.



Alfresco Pega Connector (APC)

The Alfresco Pega Connector streamlines the content & document management process, allowing  Pega® 8 applications to leverage the full suite of Alfresco Content Services capabilities. 

Learn more about the APC

Dynamic Organization Management (DOM) Module

The Dynamic Organization Management module extends Pega® 8’s current capabilities, empowering users by allowing them to manage organizational units and operators through a simple and intuitive interface.

Learn more about the DOM module