Inspection Management Framework

Unify your Inspection and Assessment Processes

Most organizations rely on multiple disconnected systems, SharePoint applications, manual processes, spreadsheets, and emails to manage all the inspection processes across each entity. This legacy approach results in missed deadlines, wasted time, high sustainment costs, and unactionable departmental data silos. The srcLogic Inspection Management Framework (IMF) addresses these issues, and more, with a single, unified Pega solution to customize each domain-specific assessment or inspection process to meet your organization's needs.

Explore the Inspection Management Framework

The srcLogic Inspection Management Framework is a suite of Pega applications and UI Components to enable enterprise-scale inspection, audit, and assessment applications. The IMF can streamline various business processes within your organization, like financial audits, risk management assessments, field readiness, and employee engagement. The inspection management tool is a full-lifecycle solution that guides you through the assessment, inspection, analysis, and remediation of any audit or evaluation. Our tool is adaptable and scalable to support your complex and dynamic enterprise.


Rapidly create and disseminate surveys and assessments


Collect and monitor data in real-time and prepare it for analysis


Examine clear, user-friendly response reports and trends


Address issues identified through surveys in the same platform—track and monitor progress.

IMF Features

The IMF is built on the industry-leading Pega 8 Low-Code Automation Platform and deploys to your on-premise or Pega Cloud environments. This application improves the user experience with custom ReactJS UI components built with Pega’s Digital Experience API. The IMF includes pre-built and reusable Pega components with a modern and intuitive user interface, such as:

  • Question Management
  • Questionnaire or Survey Templates
  • Survey Assignment and Completion Tracking
  • Dynamic Tasking
  • Checklist Management

Our Pega Services

srcLogic has a robust team of Pega Certified Consultants to guide you through your Pega journey. Discover how our solutions can get your Pega applications to do the most for your business.


Streamline your inspection process with a dynamic management tool.

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