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Managing large volumes of business-critical content can become inefficient when that content is stored directly within a Pega® 8 application, creating enterprise solutions that are hard to use and slow to perform. srcLogic’s Alfresco Pega Connector streamlines the content & document management process by allowing applications to leverage the full suite of Alfresco Content Services capabilities through the power of Alfresco Pega integration.

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Alfresco is a cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) solution that connects information and users from anywhere. The srcLogic Alfresco Pega Connector (APC) integrates the Alfresco functionality with any Pega application, unifying the power of both platforms to optimize productivity and collaboration across all of your teams.

Consolidate your file storage and management in one place with the Alfresco Pega Connector. With a centralized solution, your team will be able to share, access, and create content more efficiently than ever.

  • View file information (creation date, last modified by, etc.)
  • Automatic case folder creation
  • Drag-and-drop file upload and storage
  • Records Management Integration
  • Scalable to manage more than one billion documents

Increase oversight and security of all documents with version control, document history, editing restrictions, and more.

  • View version history with edits
  • Check-in, check-out, and version control
  • Lock or restrict editing capabilities
  • User access control and management

Alfresco’s powerful search capabilities help you quickly find any document you need. Advanced search features boost users’ productivity by locating assets in a database that can hold up to one billion documents.

  • Search entire enterprise content management system
  • Narrow down results with advanced search features
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