Playing with Robots: Opportunities at srcLogic

Written By: Rebecca Muratore

Something that I appreciate about working at srcLogic is that there are always opportunities to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities that will help you to grow as a developer and consultant. Recently, an opportunity came up on my project to take on managing Pega Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. RPA is a method of automating software tasks and processes through the use of software robots. On this project, I am now responsible for maintaining two existing RPA bots, troubleshooting any problems that arise and making adjustments as necessary. 

While I had not had any RPA experience before this opportunity, as a Pega Senior System Architect, I was familiar with the capabilities of Pega RPA and was extremely curious to explore. I went through Pega’s RPA training, learned the ins and outs of how the existing bots work, and eventually transitioned to taking over their maintenance. With these new responsibilities, I’ve had to take on a number of tasks, from managing the servers the bots run on, to going into Pega Robot Studio development environment to make updates to automations and rematching different fields to their controls, to regularly meeting with our clients to inform them of new developments. 

Managing the RPA side of my project has opened my eyes to the possibilities of Pega RPA and showed me just how much time and effort RPA can save. Whereas before implementing an RPA solution someone might have to log into a system, and manually enter in data to make updates line by line, a bot will do all of that processing on its own. This saves immense amounts of time and energy for the end user. The bots also integrate seamlessly with existing Pega applications, and seeing the interaction between a Pega frontend and bot background processing has helped me gain a greater understanding of the full extent of Pega’s capabilities. 

At srcLogic, I am surrounded by skilled developers who are not only talented at what they do, but have curious and innovative minds that are always looking to learn and expand their technical knowledge. It is through this culture of continuous learning that I felt inspired to take on this new opportunity in the first place, and I hope to inspire others to take on new opportunities in turn. I look forward to continuing building my RPA skillset and branching out to other RPA projects for srcLogic in the future!