srcLogic Earns Pega Partner Government Elite Distinction

Written By: Jack Bennett

The srcLogic office in Vienna, VA, was abuzz with our normal consulting activities on a recent Wednesday afternoon. A fleet of srcLogic branded mugs sat, half-full of rapidly cooling coffee, in office spaces affectionately nicknamed the ‘dogbone’ and the ‘fishbowl.’ That early afternoon, the consultants chatting and collaborating in the main office were still unaware of how special and fulfilling the day would turn out to be. With the chime of a single email, that generic Wednesday morphed from a prosaic workday to a day of long-term goal actualization. And now, we are as excited to announce as we were to learn on that fateful day that we have earned the Pega Partner Government Elite Distinction.  

The Pega Partner Government Elite Distinction is the highest honor a Pega partner can receive in public sector implementation, an illustrious testament to the bridge we have become between the government and the Pega platform. At the company’s inception in 2013, our co-founders set out to establish our place in the growing low-code technology market and chose to forge relationships in two key places: Pegasystems, a leader in the low code space, and the government, where they had spent their prior software careers. They knew that government clientele was ripe for the digital transformation the Pega platform enables. Eleven years later we are extraordinarily proud to be recognized as an industry leader at the intersection of these two entities, a fruitful realization of the initial plan those years ago.  

The third and most crucial element of this winning combination is srcLogic’s people, the consultants whose Pega platform expertise and implementation experience have consistently delivered successful implementations and modern applications for our clients. Because of this, the distinction is felt throughout the company on a granular, personal level. To have success in public sector software implementation is to provide the right people with the right qualifications to the right space, and Pega’s recognition of our consistent client success, year after year, is a testament to the company’s culture and the people who have curated it. 

Today, in celebration of this distinction, perhaps those srcLogic branded mugs are filled with champagne (although I’d prefer a glass). And tomorrow and each subsequent day, we will continue to work with Pegasystems and our government clients to be a leader in connecting the two, because that is who we are and that is what we do.

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