srcLogic | Partnership With Open Source Software Leader MongoDB

Agility, big data, cloud, seamless integration, lower TCO…blah, blah, blah. It seems like I can’t go to a meeting or get through a vendor presentation without hearing these same buzzwords over and over again. Can every company on the planet possibly do the same thing?

Client-server, web, cloud. Perpetual, subscription, open-source. The enterprise technology landscape is changing at a dizzying pace. I remember the life altering moment moving from ASP to Cold Fusion. What a relief to finally handle apostrophes without fear. Today we have bootstrap, node.js, Ruby on Rails, Scala, JSON (wait, that’s my name) in addition to what's now old school in J2EE. There are so many emergent technologies that it seems like a full-time job just trying to keep up. With all of this noise in the market it’s important to find the best of breed approach that balances cutting edge with reliability and stability.

At srcLogic, we are always looking for better approaches to help our customers innovate. We approach every challenge the same – understand the issue(s) and develop the best fit solution. It’s an added bonus if we can work with disruptive technology to change the status quo along the journey.

When we look at the technology landscape we strive to partner with leaders, disruptors, and innovators in their respective markets. One of those leaders is MongoDB. MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database in the world, open-source, and fundamentally changing the way organizations approach enterprise application design. With MongoDB we are no longer constrained by the limitations of SQL and the traditional relational database. With MongoDB’s dynamic schema we can adapt any application without expensive re-working of the data architecture; scalability is no longer a concern for millions or even billions of records; and we can now accommodate structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in the same database. Every developer has encountered these (or similar) issues with SQL and had to build some clever workaround to overcome what should be inherent and out of the box with a database. With MongoDB these, and myriad other relational database limitations are no longer an issue.

The MongoDB partnership is instrumental to srcLogic in numerous ways. Not only are we committed to introducing this technology to our customer base, but we also plan on leveraging MongoDB for our internal open source software development efforts. MongoDB truly is a game changer when it comes to handling today’s demands of data complexity, data size, and data velocity.