New Hire Training Experience ~Virtual~ Edition

Hello! My name is Erica Vasti and I am a new hire for srcLogic currently going through training. I was not sure what to expect coming into training, especially considering that training would be done virtually due to COVID-19. To give a high-level overview, training is 8 weeks long and we learn all the skills that we’ll need to be placed on our first project upon completion of training. The beginning of training consisted of a lot of video-call meetings and onboarding tasks to get us up to speed on what training will look like, learn more about the company, and get us settled. We also began building our technical skills, which consisted of competing online training courses to help us build these skills. To apply what we learned from the online training courses, we completed small tasks/projects and discussed them as a group. At the beginning of training, we were also introduced to a “client” made up by srcLogic that we would be consulting throughout the rest of training. Consulting this “client” would allow us to practice presentation skills, give demos, implement solutions for customers based on their needs, and build up our technical skills even further. Halfway through training, we began building an application for our “client” using Pega. The Pega Platform is a software that srcLogic primarily uses to implement solutions for clients and this opportunity was to give us experience on building a Pega application for a client. As for losing the social aspect of starting a new job, srcLogic has made sure that starting our careers virtually didn’t stop us from getting to know other people in the company. We do weekly coffee chats with coworkers we’ve never met before, build bios for each other, and do virtual game nights to make the transition to our new job easier. The experience thus far has definitely had its challenges, from technical difficulties, bad Wi-Fi, and not having real-life interactions with our new coworkers, but the virtual training experience exceeded my expectations!