How to Succeed as a Woman in Tech

Written By: Allyson Meltzer

In the U.S. today, women currently occupy about 25% of leadership positions across all industries. Here at srcLogic, women make up 41% of our technical project leads, serving as leaders and mentors to everyone around them. Through years of industry experience, these women have learned how to thrive while working in the male-dominated technology space. In this video, “How to succeed as a women in tech- advice experiences, and wisdom from women in technology” a few of our women share their most helpful pieces of advice with us. They give insight on how to succeed in the industry and get our ideas heard by building a support system of peers and mentors, overcome different challenges, and build the presence of women in the technology industry.


             Perhaps one of the most common struggles women face in the technology industry is the battle to ensure that our ideas are heard. This battle is two-part: first, we need the confidence to express our ideas, and second, our coworkers need to be willing to listen. A Technical Consultant at srcLogic offers her solution on how to overcome this issue. The first step is to gain expertise within the industry. This expertise enables us to speak confidently when communicating our ideas with coworkers and clients. The second step is to use our network of coworkers and friends as a platform to support our ideas. When in a meeting with someone who may not know you or who often does not listen, look to your coworkers to back-up your ideas and make sure that you get the attention you deserve.

              Among all the tremendous pieces of advice given, one of the most compelling topics covered is the forced dichotomy that women face in everyday life: the balance between being weak or bossy, overly-emotional or coldhearted. In any workplace, women struggle to maintain authenticity while this dichotomy attempts to force us into a stereotype. Working in a male-dominated industry increases the pressure on women. Not only are we attempting to succeed within our own career, but also we are helping to pave the way for all of the young girls who one day dream to be programmers. Advice on how to cope with this pressure to be perfect, as we not only have to prove ourselves but our entire gender, is to build strong relationships and mentorships. Find those coworkers, women and men alike, who you trust and who will celebrate your successes and brace your failures with you. This network of people will help keep you sane, happy, and on the path to success in your career.

              Overall, as women we all take different paths in our careers, hopefully one day achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Along the way, it is vital we have confidence in ourselves and support one another. From all of us at srcLogic, we would love to hear your opinions and experiences on the topics covered. If you have any strategies that would benefit your peers, ideas on how increase the presence of women in the technology field, or an interesting story to tell, please share it with a comment!