5 PegaWorld 2018 Replays We’re Still Thinking About

srcLogic was proud to have attended PegaWorld 2018 last month. We learned so much about new innovations in the low-code space, and were excited to present for the first time our Pega Alfresco integration component. Now, a month later, we want to share some of our favorite presentations from the conference-- insights that we’re still thinking about now.

1. “From Digital Chaos to Digital Transformation” 

This keynote presentation by Alan Trefler, the founder and CEO of Pegasystems, starts with a clip of a roller-coaster, twisting and turning the viewer’s vantage point as the video takes us through what Alan later describes as “digital chaos”-- the often convoluted “hype” around new technologies that, according to Alan, can create more problems than it solves. Alan goes on to address how to push past the “digital chaos” to instead create “digital transformation” within your organization.

Watch here:

PegaWorld 2018: From Digital Chaos to Digital Transformation

The promise and potential of Digital Transformation is immense. When it is done right it delivers exceptional experiences that delight your customers while streamlining and simplifying your operational processes, it empowers employees to be more productive and more impactful and it means operating at the accelerating speed of disruption.

2. “Creating Effective Allies for Women’s Growth in Leadership”

During this session on fostering gender inclusion in the workplace, three panelists discuss empowerment, taking chances, and the importance of networking. The session aims to provide you with actionable ways to involve your company’s C-Suite in the inclusion and empowerment of women. Not to be missed: a clip of a group of young, diverse women presenting the mobile applications they independently designed and built to a panel of banking executives!

Watch here:

PegaWorld 2018: Creating Effective Allies for Women

In increasing numbers, women are breaking new ground and old rules in their quest to inspire more female leaders in technology. How can male leaders support them as well and why is it good for them and their organizations?

3. “Low-code innovation: Build enterprise apps fast”

Konrad Jelen and Dennis Grady, two seasoned technical experts at Pega, and Kevin Irmscher, the BPM/Pega CoE at Siemens, gather in this session to break down the low-code space. Through the real world example of a co-innovation between Pega and Siemens, the speakers illuminate the process of using low-code solutions to quickly and effectively build enterprise applications.

Watch here:

PegaWorld 2018: Low-code innovation: Build enterprise apps fast (Video) | Pega

Deliver the enterprise-grade software you want at the speed your customers demand. Pega believes both professional and citizen developer experiences should be visually driven, without the need to write complex code. Join us to learn how Pega provides the fastest path to innovation by bringing business and IT together in real-time using visual models and an agile methodology to build apps fast.

4. “Intelligent Automation: Hype vs. Reality”

This PegaWorld breakout session brings together panelists from a variety of industries whose organizations are working towards automation within their work processes. The panelists discuss the different technologies that fall under the intelligent automation umbrella, and how they fit into the broader “automation stack”.

Watch here:

PegaWorld 2018: Intelligent Automation: Hype vs. Reality (Video) | Pega

"Intelligent Automation" is one of the trending buzzwords for enterprises exploring the value of robotics, AI, and other technologies to transform their business processes and service delivery. Join us as we explore the difference between the hype and reality surrounding robotic automation, AI, and digital process automation while discussing ways to put automation to work for your business today.

5. “Man vs. Machine: Who will rule for Service and Sales”

Chris Benedetto, a Senior Director of Sales Automation at Pega, and David Fulton, a Director of Customer Service at Pega, talk about the future of automation within the service and sales industry. Time, particularly the customer’s time, is a critical factor in making the decision to automate, and the speakers in this session delve into the intricacies of finding the right balance for your organization between automation and the human touch.

Watch here:

PegaWorld 2018: Man vs. Machine: Who will rule for Service and Sales? (Video) | Pega

With some estimates claiming that 80% of businesses are planning to deploy chatbots by 2020, its easy to think that chatbots have already climbed out of the trough of disillusionment and have reached the plateau of productivity, where users will utilize them consistently instead of alternatives.


We hope you enjoyed these PegaWorld 2018 replays as much as we did! To find more content like this on the low-code, consulting and technical spaces, follow us on Twitter: @srcLogic