srcLogic is a Pega Ventures Company. We provide Pega implementation services with 100% Pega Certified, US-based consultants. Our commitment to continuous training and our unique methodology, the "srcWay", ensure that we utilize the full breadth of the Pega® platform to deliver applications in months, not years.

Powered by continuous learning, we help clients achieve organizational efficiency, helping them to do the most with their Pega software solution.

We were founded in 2013 with the desire to fill existing gaps within the enterprise software market. As the web technology landscape has evolved over the past several years, so too have end-user expectations and demands. In today’s fast paced environment, users demand the same self-service, easy-to-use capabilities that are readily available at home. Users everywhere are accustomed to the navigational ease and efficiency of commercial applications. Within the enterprise space, however, most solutions fail to deliver that same level of usability. 

That's where we come in. Equipped with a fleet of Pega Certified consultants, srcLogic builds applications that are intuitive and user-friendly. We arm our clients with software solutions that allow them to agilely navigate their businesses, eradicating old, clunky legacy systems to make way for positive change.


Our Executive Team


Harry Clarke


Harry Clarke is a co-founder and Principal at srcLogic. Prior to founding srcLogic, Harry spent over 25 years growing software and services organizations supporting large enterprises in government, finance, healthcare and energy industry sectors. Several of his responsibilities have included Business Unit Executive, IBM Exploration and Production (E&P) Solution Unit; Vice President of Software and Services, BMC Software; Senior Vice President of Software and Services, McAfee Security and President & CEO, Handysoft Global (BizFlow).


Jason Noker


Jason Noker is a technology evangelist and co-founder and Principal of srcLogic. After 13 years in the BPM software industry as a Consultant, Sales Engineer, Account Executive, and Vice President of Sales, Jason set out to disrupt the market with a unique, transformative approach to solution delivery. Over the past 4 years Jason’s focus has been managing srcLogic’s strategic growth and ensuring that each and every customer engagement successfully deploys to production. Jason graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Management & Technology. Jason is passionate about sports and in his spare time can be found coaching his son at McLean Little League in Northern Virginia.


Dan Carr


Daniel Carr is a Principal at srcLogic. Dan is both an experienced consultant and solutions engineer for Case Management (CM), Business Process Management (BPM) and IT. With over 14 years in the CM and BPM industries and more than 18 years in the IT industry at large, Dan has applied his experience and expertise to projects throughout the Federal Government, Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities.